Idea and mission

Our idea is to solve the problem of waste in a holistic and efficient manner.

The main idea behind the development of a technology of biofertilizer production from waste was primarily the annual increase in the amount of waste generated in Poland in the form of sludge and ashes. The management of sewage sludge and waste from biomass combustion is a problem faced by every sewage treatment plant, agricultural and food processing plant, producers of ashes from biomass combustion and others. Hence the idea to create and implementing the Biorol Technology, which would allow for agricultural use of the product made from waste and at the same time would have an environmentally friendly nature. Our Technology allows for a complete conversion of municipal or industrial sludge along with ash from biomass combustion into a full-value product, qualified as an organic or organic-mineral fertilizer. This demonstrates a revolutionary method of waste disposal, with simultaneous recovery of waste. The technological process takes place with respect for the natural environment, i.e. without producing waste and in compliance with emission standards.