About Us

Ekotechnologie S.C. Bożena Chmielina i Jarosław Kondrat was established in 2013.

The main objective of the company is to design industrial installations and conduct research and development works. In this area, Ekotechnologie S.C. conducts service activities by performing conceptual and design work on waste management technologies being implemented and also provides services within the framework of environmental consulting. For several years, Ekotechnologie S.C. has been cooperating with several academic centers, conducting research and development works. The owners of the company are the authors of two patents, including an installation for thermal conversion of waste to produce electricity and heat and two patent claims covering an innovative technology for production of biofertilizers from waste. On the project titled “Development of innovative and environmentally friendly technology for production of natural fertilizer from waste,” the Company cooperated with experienced scientists whose substantive support was mainly provided by:

– Prof. Jacek Dach – Institute of Engineering, Institute of Biosystems Engineering, Poznań University of Life Sciences;
– Dr. Jacek Dach – Institute of Engineering, Institute of Biosystem Engineering, Poznań University of Life Sciences;
– Dr. Grzegorz Siebielec – Head of the Department of Soil Science, Erosion, and Soil Protection of the Institute of Agriculture, Fertilization, and Soil Science – National Research Institute in Puławy;
as well as Prof. Adam Koniuszy from the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture, Department of Agrotechnical Systems Engineering, Prof. Albin Czernichowski, and Prof. Janusz Wandrasz.

Under the agreement with the National Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund for co-financing research and development works in 2018, Ekotechnologies.c. carried out the project titled “Development of an innovative and environmentally friendly technology for the production of biofertilizers from waste” based on the measure Support for innovation in a resource-efficient and low-carbon economy” Interdisciplinary Falcon – Implementation of innovative environmental technologies.

Many years of activity have resulted in the construction of a technological line for the Biorol Technology, which was implemented for commercial use together with the product in the form of bio-fertilizer. The Biorol biofertilizer has received its trade mark and the name BIOROL.

Both the Biorol technology and the Biorol natural fertilizer are in the process of patent protection application filed with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

In cooperation with academic institutions, the rules were defined of selection of the mixture of municipal and industrial sludge with bio-ashes in terms of optimal fertilizer composition, as well as certification of the biofertilizer.

As a result of the thermal process of physical transformation, a product in the form of an organic or organic-mineral fertilizer was created. It is a ready-to-market product in the form of a fertilizer based on two combinations: municipal sewage sludge or sludge from the agri-food industry with bio-ashes. The natural Biorol fertilizer is based on sludge from the dairy industry and bio-ashes.

According to research conducted by the Institute of Fertilization and Soil Science in Puławy, it has the following composition:

Organic matter content – 35%
Phosphorus content – 1.2%
Potassium content – 1.2%
Calcium content – 2.6%
Cadmium content < 0.62 mg/kg (maximum permitted content 5 mg/kg)
Lead content – 6.4 mg/kg (maximum permitted content 140 mg/kg)
Chromium content – 15 mg/kg (maximum permitted content 100 mg/kg)
Nickel content – 3.8 mg/kg (maximum permitted content 60 mg/kg)

The sole owner of the brand and the products in the Biorol series, which are protected by a patent, is Ekotechnologies. S.C. BożeniaChmielina i Jarosław Kondrat.
The technology is a response to the problem of management of municipal waste, industrial waste, and waste from biomass incineration. It is a support for waste management as it allows for comprehensive waste processing into a finished product. The natural fertilizer production technology is a waste-free, fully hygienic, and environmentally safe process.
The Biorol technology is environmentally friendly and innovative in its design and production solutions.